Our Processes

All enquiries are treated as a separate project and a member of our Management team will take direct responsibility for managing the project at every stage.  This chart will help you understand this process and know who to contact at each stage.

Brochure Pack

This Brochure Pack has all the information you need to make an informed judgement about the products we offer.  Use the Price Calculator to help you budget, but remember this is just a guide price.

Site Investigation

One of our Sales Representatives will carry out a Site Investigation and help you to decide what you need and where it should be located. Please click on the link below for more information on the site visit.

Site Investigation & Survey Procedure

Quotation Pack

The person who carried out your Site Investigation will then send you a Quotation Pack which will include the Cost breakdown, Design & Drawings, Site Investigation Report, Legislation details and Warranties.  If you need any additional information or amendments to the quotation please contact Head Office.

Installation Pack

When you place an order with ClubTurf you will receive an Installation Pack from our Operations Manager Rob Chisholm.  This includes an Order Acknowledgement, Terms & Conditions of Contract, Technical Drawings, Warranties & Insurance details, a Schedule of Works, a Goods Inward Log for deliveries of materials to site, Maintenance Guide, notification of any Third Party Approvals (i.e. Planning Permission), Health & Safety Policy and Environmental Policy.

Terms and Conditions


The ClubTurf Insurance Scheme

Maintenance Instructions

Third Party Approvals

Health & Safety Policy

Environmental Policy


Rob will be in contact at regular intervals up to the commencement of works.


During Installation Rob will be responsible for the project with the Installation Manager responsible for the actual Installation. Please click on the link below for more information on the quality control and testing procedures carried out during your installation.

Standard Quality Control and Testing Procedures


Rob will be in contact again after the installation is completed to ensure the project is satisfactorily completed. We will also supply you with Maintenance Instructions to ensure the proper maintenance of your facility. We will also supply you with guidance on spikes.

Maintenance Instructions


Keith Underwood will then invoice the Club in line with our Terms and Conditions and assist with any arrangements for payment. You will be sent a further copy of the Maintenance Instructions, Warranties and information on The ClubTurf Insurance Scheme.