Standard Quality Control & Testing Procedures

If you choose a ClubTurf Pitch you can be certain that it will be of the very highest quality.  We only use Quality Materials and Quality Construction to install our Approved Pitch Systems.

Approved Pitch Systems

The ClubTurf ‘International’ Pitch is approved by the ECB.  Our pitches are thoroughly tested by an external laboratory to ensure they conform to the Performance StandardApproved Pitch Systems

All ClubTurf pitches, unless specifically stated in the contract, conform to the ECB’s Performance Standards for Non-Turf Cricket Pitches Intended for Outdoor Use (TS6).  Copies are available from the ECB website.

Quality Materials

All our materials are sourced from a controlled list of suppliers so we can be sure that the materials supplied for every new pitch are exactly the same as those in our specification.  These materials are routinely tested by an external laboratory to ensure they conform to the performance standard.

The stone we use to make the pitch bases can vary from quarry to quarry so we take samples of the base materials and test them using sieves to make sure they meet our specification.  We even keep a sample so we have a record of exactly what stone was used on each pitch.

Quality Construction

By always installing to the same standard specification we ensure that we always meet the ECB’s construction requirements for dimensions, surface regularity and slope.  We test this by measuring the size, depth, evenness and slope of the facility before, during and after construction.  We use a combination of string levels, tape measures, straight-edged spirit-levels and graduated wedges.

Our construction methods have been designed, tested and practiced over many years to ensure the correct hardness and drainage characteristics are achieved.

Our experienced installation staff has worked in almost every situation imaginable and are fully equipped to deal with anything your site can throw at them.

Written details of the construction methods and testing procedures are available on request.