ClubTurf Cricket Pitches

Maintenance Instructions

Whilst the maintenance requirement on a ClubTurf pitch is very low, it is important to appreciate that it will require attention from time to time. Maintenance can be regarded in four phases, as follows:

October to March

During the winter a ClubTurf Pitch will have been subjected to the effects of freezing/thawing and heavy rains.

It is important that the pitch receives pre-season maintenance before it goes into use.

Remember to take down the nets and store them over winter, safe from attack by rodents.  Failure to do so may result in storm damage to the net-cage.

April (Pre-Season)

Roll the pitch until firmness is achieved. A roller, about 250kg – 350kg, can be used - continuous use of a heavy roller can slacken off the tension in the ClubTurf.  Always roll end to end - never across. Do not use a twin cylinder roller.

Any slackness that might have developed in the ClubTurf surface during the winter will usually tighten up again in the warmer weather. This process can be accelerated by removing the nails, pulling the surface tight, and re-fixing.

Hang and fix nets ready for use.

May to September (In Season)

Re-mark the lines as necessary. Virtually any paint can be used but acrylic emulsion gives the best results.

Tamp moistened soil into stump holes as necessary.

Roll as necessary with a light roller, about 250kg – 350kg, to achieve the desired pace and bounce; this is more likely to be necessary in the early part of the season.

It is important to roll after use if the pitch was soft through rain; this will ‘iron out’ any indentations caused by the ball consistently landing around the same area, and thereby prevent irregularities forming as the pitch dries and firms up.

All Year

Apply proprietary brands of weed killer, moss/algae treatment and worm killer.

Brush dead weeds off the surface; never pull them up as this will disturb the hard porous base layer.

Always brush grass clippings off the surface before they become embedded and ‘mulched’.

Routinely check that the Kee-Klamp netcage fixings are securely fastened in the correct position and that all grub-screws are tightened.

Please note: We cannot undertake periodic maintenance work from mid-February to end-May when priority is given to pitch installations.