Refurbishment and Resurface

Practice Areas

Because of the intense use that practice pitches are put to, both Routine and Periodic aintenance are critical, and certainly every bit as important as keeping a match pitch in top condition.

The Periodic Maintenance and any repairs that we would carry out are exactly the same as uotlined in the Match Pitches section.

Again as in the Match Pitch section, if your practice pitch is a ClubTurf ‘Natural’ it can be converted to the ‘International’ specification with the addition of 6mm thick InterPad at the batting end.

Just as for a Match Pitch, ClubTurf will send our maintenance team to lift the ClubTurf surface (and InterPad if appropriate), re-establish good levels by true-luting the hard-porous top course of the base construction, placing new hard-porous material as required and compacting by olling before replacing the ClubTurf surface (and InterPad if appropriate) in position and final rolling. If your carpet is damaged we will seal or patch it before re-laying it under the correct tension.

If you have ‘Split’ Practice Pitches we can convert them to full-length 27m or 30m ClubTurf ‘Natural’ or ‘International’ Pitches, by simply completing the base construction between the existing ends.

Maintenance Prices

Periodic Maintenance

Lift the ClubTurf (and InterPad/ClubPad), repair and
true-lute the hard-porous base to re-establish
good levels, roll and replace the ClubTurf
(and InterPad/ClubPad)

1 Bay         £840.00 + VAT
Extra Bays  £400.00 + VAT per extra Pitch

Optional Extras:

All prices are in addition to the cost of a Periodic
Maintenance priced above.

Converting ‘Natural’ Pitch to
‘International’ Pitch with the addition of InterPad

24m         £1,720.00 + VAT per bay
27m         £1,880.00 + VAT per bay
30m         £2,040.00 + VAT per bay
11m         £880.00 + VAT per bay

Resurfacing with new ClubTurf 

24m          £4,000.00 + VAT
27m          £4,680.00 + VAT
30m          £5,640.00 + VAT
11m & 8    £3,200.00 + VAT


Cut or tear £160.00 + VAT
Block-hole  £240.00 + VAT









  If your Practice Area 
is made up of an 11
metre Batting End
and an 8 metre
Bowling End, we can
convert it into a
full Length 27 metre
or 30 metre Pitch.

Other Options: 
If you need new
Netting, Cage sections
or infill surrounds
just contact us for
  advice and a quotation 

Long Term Maintenance Agreement

Your ClubTurf Pitch is a valuable commodity – take good care of it.
As part of our commitment to ensuring that your ClubTurf pitch provides you with the highest quality surface for playing cricket, we are now offering a long term maintenance service. Every 3 years we will inspect, repair and refurbish your ClubTurf Match and Practice Pitches. The works entail lifting the ClubTurf surface (and InterPad if appropriate), true-luting the hard-porous top course of the base construction to re-establish good levels, placing new hard-porous material as required and compact by rolling, replacing the ClubTurf surface in position (and InterPad if appropriate), final rolling.

In order to help us carry out any maintenance work it is important that the Routine Maintenance Schedule on the opposite page is followed carefully, with particular attention made to ensuring that the pitch is free of weeds and encroaching grass at the edges. Additional work requested in advance will be carried out at the same time, but will be charged as agreed with the Club/School. Please note that maintenance work of this type cannot normally be carried out during March to June, the heaviest period of new installation demand, nor in wet conditions.

Spread the Cost

To help you spread the costs of this maintenance service, we’re offering a brand new Direct Debit facility so that you can pay over three years. Optional Extras will of course be subject to an additional payment. Our usual Terms and Conditions apply. To request a copy please write to us.
If your pitches get such heavy use that they need a Periodic Maintenance inside the recommended maximum of three years we can, of course, schedule it accordingly, and any outstanding direct debit payments will be payable upon completion of the work.

Routine Maintenance Schedule

For Club & School Groundstaff

October to March
During the winter your ClubTurf Match or Practice Pitches will have been subjected to the  effects of freezing/thawing and heavy rains.
It is important that you do not use your pitch until it has been prepared ready for the new  season.
Remember to take down the nets and store them over winter, safe from attack by rodents.
April (Pre Season)
Roll the pitch until firmness is achieved. A heavy roller, about 1 tonne, can be sparingly used, continuous use of a heavy roller can slacken off the tension in the ClubTurf.
Always roll end to end - never across. Do not use a twin cylinder roller.
Any slackness that might have developed in the ClubTurf surface during the winter will usually tighten up again in the warmer weather. This process can be accelerated by removing the nails, pulling the surface tight, and re-fixing.
Hang and fix nets ready for use. 
May to September (In Season)
Re-mark the lines as necessary. Virtually any paint can be used but acrylic emulsion gives the best results.
Stamp moistened soil into stump holes as necessary.
Roll as necessary with a light roller, aprox. 7cwt/350kg, to achieve the desired pace and bounce; it is important to roll after use if the pitch was soft through rain; this will ‘iron out’ any indentations caused by the ball consistently landing around the same area, and thereby prevent irregularities forming as the pitch dries and firms up.
All Year
Apply proprietary brands of weed killer, moss/algae treatment and worm killer.
Brush dead weeds off the surface; never pull them up as this will disturb the hard porous base layer.
Always brush grass clippings off the surface before they become embedded and ‘mulched’.