Refurbishment and Resurface

Match Pitches

Maintaining Quality

Whether you use your ClubTurf Match Pitch for league games, junior matches or local pub knockout tournaments, you’ll want it to play consistently. 

Over time the base of the pitch will settle and indentations will appear where the ball pitches. There will also be a depression in the blockhole where batsmen take theirguard and foot-marks where the bowlers follow through.

Careful watering and rolling can minimise the effect but eventually your Match Pitch will need a full professional maintenance. 

We will send our maintenance team to lift the ClubTurf surface (and InterPad if appropriate), re-establish good levels by true-luting the hard-porous top course of the base construction, placing new hard-porous material as required and compacting by rolling before replacing the ClubTurf surface (and InterPad if appropriate) in position and final rolling. If your carpet is damaged we will seal or patch it before re-laying it under the correct tension


If your Match or Practice Pitches have been damaged, either through use, mowing, vandalism or animal activity then we may be able to repair them.

Provided the damage is not in a critical area where the ball will pitch, we can seal small cuts and tears and patch larger damaged areas.

Damaged block-holes can be repaired by fixing a patch in place. Patches have a limited life but, at relatively small cost, they can extend the life of the full pitch surface by one or two, and even more, seasons. Larger areas, such as in the bowlers delivery and follow through, can be patched provided that the repair does not extend into a critical area of the pitch.

Prices will vary accordingly.










Combine a maintenance
on your Match Pitch with one on your Practice and save over £440.00.

Match Pitch £840.00

Practice Area £400.00 per bay

Saving = £440.00 + VAT

Maintenance Prices

Periodic Maintenance:
Lift the ClubTurf (and InterPad), repair and true-lute
the hard-porous base to re-establish good levels, roll
and replace the ClubTurf (and InterPad).

1 Match Pitch £840.00 + VAT
Extra Pitches  £400.00 + VAT per extra Pitch

Optional Extras:

All prices are in addition to the cost of a Periodic
Maintenance. Converting ‘Natural’ Pitches to
‘International’ Pitches with the addition  of

27 metre £1,880.00 + VAT per Pitch
30 metre £2,040.00 + VAT per Pitch

Resurfacing with new ClubTurf:

27 metre £4,680.00 + VAT per Pitch
30 metre £5,640.00 + VAT per Pitch

Cut or tear £160.00 + VAT
Block-hole  £240.00 + VAT

Larger repairs/patches Price on application









Virtually eliminate routine
maintenance by
installing an
InterPad which will
convert your ‘Natural’
Pitch into an
‘International’ Pitch.