Site Investigation & Survey Procedure

The prices listed in the ClubTurf Brochure are representative of the standard price for an installation; however, it is necessary to conduct a Site Investigation in order to produce a unique Quotation and Cost Breakdown for every Club.

The Site Investigation will take approximately 1-2 hours and will cover the following key areas:

Type of facilities required

These can vary from match pitches to practice facilities and there are different designs and specifications available.

Number of facilities required

This depends on available budget and predicted usage levels.

Predicted usage of the facilities

The age of players, number of players and frequency of use will affect the number of facilities required and their potential life and maintenance requirements.

Possible locations

The choice of location is influenced by the condition of the land, drainage, underground services, past uses, wind directions, orientation, trees, buildings and many other factors.  If there is any doubt about a location a full Survey will be required.

Special requirements

If the Club has special requirements these should be discussed at this stage.


Details of the maintenance required to be carried out by the Club to ensure the facility continues to meet the Performance Standards.

It is vital that the Club is prepared for the Site Investigation and provides a representative who can provide information on all of the areas covered above.

ClubTurf will sketch and photograph the site and mark as appropriate the locations of the facility and other important features which will affect the installation.  These include access points, material Laydown areas, Health & Safety and Welfare provision.