The ClubTurf ‘International’ Pitch

The ClubTurf ‘International’ Pitch is designed to meet situations where even minimal maintenance may be a problem, and is the pitch specified worldwide by the ICC.

It is constructed on the same principle as the ClubTurf ‘Natural’ Pitch with a consolidated stone base and hard-porous layer in order to give it a similar pace and bounce.  However, the base construction is overlaid with InterPad.  Whilst still providing a degree of changeability in its playing characteristics, the main attraction of this pitch is its reduction of routine maintenance by virtue of the InterPad protecting the hard-porous from disturbance.  It is also a slightly more consistent pitch.

A non-turf pitch can not be used in all weather and is not maintenance free, however it scores over a natural turf pitch because it can be used continuously throughout the season without any loss of performance, provided routine maintenance is carried out.

In addition to periodic treatments for weeds, moss, algae and worms, a non-turf pitch needs to be regularly swept clear of debris and rolled with a light roller (250kg – 350kg) to keep the base flat.  We recommend 30 minutes of sweeping and rolling for every 20 hours of use for a ClubTurf ‘International’ Pitch.

Over time the base may start to show signs of wear, particularly in the bowler’s footmarks and the block holes.  We recommend that we carry out a Periodic Maintenance every three years to service the base and re-fit the playing surface.  For budgeting purposes you should allow between 1% and 2% of the total cost of the facility per year for Periodic Maintenances.

Detailed Specification:

Surface:   5mm. +/- 1mm. Wilton woven ClubTurf

Pile:  700g/m2 100% UVS Polypropylene

Backing:  UVS Polypropylene with vinyl ethylene  resin (EVA)

  Total Weight:  1540g/m2

Layer 1:   Needle punch resin-bonded Polyester fibre InterPad 

  Thickness:  5-6mm
  Total Weight:

Layer 2:  40-45mm depth angular unbound mineral (hard-porous)
Particle size distribution from 0.075mm to 5.000mm

Layer 3:  80-90mm depth angular stone
Particle size distribution from 0.075mm to 14.000mm

Construction Characteristics:

Woven synthetic turf surface laid on unbound mineral material (hard-porous) and a stone base.  A stiff, porous resin-bonded pad (InterPad) is laid between the ClubTurf surface and the hard-porous top course throughout the pitch.