Netcages Specification


ClubTurf use a Kee Klamp system for the construction of their Netcages. Kee Klamp fittings are galvanized malleable iron castings designed to suit standard tube size. A standard hex key and tube cutters are the only tools required to create strong, rigid structures. Recessed set screws, tightened by the hex key, firmly lock the tube into the fitting. The setscrew is manufactured in casehardened steel and is coated to protect against corrosion.

Our tubes are 42.4mm in diameter and are all 3.66m (12’) in length. This makes it easier to source replacement tubes if damaged by vandalism, theft or other reasons.

We only use four different Kee Klamps in our Netcages and these are shown and described below. We have also shown a picture of our standard ground socket.

Ground Socket


The nets are made from 45mm high tenacity polypropylene square knotless mesh.

Docklands Settlement The roof and surround netting is sewn together to eliminate gapping and is available in black as shown in the picture to the right at Regent’s Park  or green as shown in the picture to the left at Docklands Settlement. Regents Park